HTC Regional Club Championship Selection Process/Program – East Coast – 2022





HTC Regional Club Championship Selection Process – East Coast

HTC is proud to announce we will be selecting our RCC teams to train and compete this Spring/Summer. We will be selecting a U14, U16 and U19 RCC Team.

The Regional Club Championship tournaments for our Region 1-3 will be;

U14 RCC – June 4-5, 2022 – Epping NH

U16 RCC – June 4-5, 2022 – Epping NH

U19 RCC – June 11-12, 2022 – Sommerville MA 

What is the Regional Cup Championship?

This is the major tournament that we will attend as a club. We will be competing against other Northeast club teams. The winning team for each age group will move on to the National Club Championships later on in the summer. 

This is one of the tournaments that we have try-outs for and our coaching staff will select the teams via these two options.

1. March 12, 2022 Try-out in Glastonbury CT. The address of our facility is;

Oakwood Sports Center
40 Oakwood Drive
Glastonbury, CT

Each age group will attend the following timeframe;

U14 – 8a-9:15a

U16 – 9:15a-10:45a

U19 – 10:45a-12p

All interested players must register for this try out, regardless if they can make the actual try-out. If a player cannot make the actual try-out date, please email Deb and Darren and let them know. Again, all players must register for the try- out regardless if they can actually make that date! 

2. Players that cannot make the March 12th date, must register for the try out anyway! For these players, our coaches will use our knowledge of the players  from previous practices and tournaments to make a decision on selection. If a player is brand new to our club and has not participated with us previously, we will arrange a private try-out opportunity. So all interested players must register for the try-out and then if they cannot make it for any reason, email Deb and Darren to let us know. 

All HTC players are eligible to be considered for one of our RCC teams! 

This Spring our RCC Training Squads will have 2 intense practices per week. This program is designed to work on individual skill development, small game concepts, improve player’s game knowledge, and gain valuable 11v11 game experience.  

We will select 20-30 players per age group for our RCC Training Squads. We will evaluate each player during the spring at practices and at tournaments. We will then select the final teams as we get closer to the RCC tournament.

Here are the steps for players to take to be considered for one of our RCC  teams;

All interested players must register for the RCC try-out, March 12, 2022 regardless if they can attend or not. We will use this registration list to select for all RCC Teams. So register if you want to be considered. 

We will have 1 try out date. We highly recommend players attend try outs so that our coaches can evaluate your play. 

If you are a player at a Prep School now or have other obligations and cannot make the March 12th try out, we are asking you to register for the try out anyway to express your interest in being selected to one of our RCC Teams. For these players, we will use our past evaluations of your play to make the RCC selections. 

Try-Out Session

Saturday March 12

U14 Players – 8a-9:15a

U16 Player – 9:15a-10:45a

U19 Players – 10:45a-12p

Our RCC Training Squads  will be announced the week of March 14-18, 2022. For the players that are selected to the RCC Training Squad, we will forward the specific training practice schedule. For those players that are not selected this time around, they will be invited to join our club program. 

What will the schedule be if I make the RCC Training Team?

Our training squads will attend 2-3 practices per week. There will be practices and play days for our teams to prepare for the RCC Tourney. Once you are selected for the RCC Training Squad, we will forward you your training schedule. Possible training sites will be in Glastonbury, Tolland, North Branford, and in Farmington. 


Important Reminders!

  • Age requirements for the RCC Teams are determined by a players age on January 1, 2022.
  • Everyone must have USFHA membership that is current through September 1, 2022 and you must select HTC as your affiliated club.
  • Deadline to Register for the RCC Try-out Opportunity and to be considered for one of our RCC teams is March 12, 2022. 
  • We will announce our RCC Training Squads the week of March 14-18, 2022.

We are very excited to offer our Regional Club Championship Program this Spring. We anticipate a very competitive spring season and look forward to our teams celebrating as this year’s RCC Champions!

Any questions, contact Debra Brickey or Darren Smallhorn;

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