HTC High Performance Program – Spring 2024

High Performance Spring Season 2024


Welcome to our HTC High Performance Program Page:

This training requires an evaluation/tryout in order to be selected to one of our HP Teams. 


What is our Spring High Performance Program?

We are excited to announce our High Performance Program for the Spring!

Here are the details about our HP Program;

We will select the following teams;

  • U14 HP Squad – 18 Players
  • U14 Developmental Team – 18 Players
  • U16 HP Squad – 18 Players
  • U16 Developmental Team – 18 Players
  • U19 HP Squad – 18 Players
  • U19 Developmental Team – 18 Players

These teams will be selected from our try-outs. There will be several opportunities for players to be evaluated for our teams.

We will announce the HP and Developmental Teams on Monday March 18, 2024. 

Each team will have it’s own training and competition schedule. This will be announced on March 18th. The training schedule will consist of one practice during the week and a team competition opportunity on Sundays. This schedule will be announced shortly. Players are expected to attend all practices and competitions in order for us to prepare and excel this Spring. 

What is the difference between the HP and Developmental Team?

Our HP team will be our top 18 players that will be vying for a spot on our Regional Club Championship Teams. These players will compete in the RCC Tournament that will take place in early June. Our goal is to earn a spot to the National Club Championship Tournament.

Our Developmental Team will be players that were not selected for the HP team at our try outs. These players will be taught the same curriculumn and have a similar training schedule as the HP players. Our developmental players will have the opportunity to be moved up to the HP Team as a result of their hard work and potential contribution to the team.  

Our Coaching Staff will have the opportunity to move players between the HP and Developmental Team as they see fit. This is meant to enable all players the opportunity to compete and push the level of play higher in our club. Our coaches will determine the final number of players that are named to the RCC teams. This number will depend on team needs and players abilities to contribute to the teams success. The Final RCC Team will have between 18-24 players. 

Next Steps: 

  • High Performance Re-Fresher Clinics: all players are welcome to participate.

Players are encouraged to attend both of these clinics in order to prepare for the HP Try-outs.

The HP Re-fresher Clinics dates are:

  • Wednesday, February 21 – 5p-6:30p – Day Hill Dome, Windsor CT
  • Wednesday, February 28 – 5p-6:30p – Day Hill Dome, Windsor CT

Click here to register.

The fee is $25/clinic. Join us to prepare and get ready for the try-outs! 


  • High Performance Evaluation/Try-Out: Required for all returning and new athletes who wish to be part of this training program. This is an individual registration separate from the training registration. Again, all returning and new athletes interested in being selected to this training program must attend the evaluation dates. 

Players are encouraged to attend as many try out dates as possible so our coaches can see you play and compete in different situations.

The High Performance Squad evaluation/try-out dates are: 

  • March 6 – 7:30p-9:30p
  • March 10 – 5p-7p
  • March 13 – 6p-8p

Register Here for the above 3 try-out opportunities – $75 fee


  • March 16 – 4Goals Clinic with Michigan Head Coach Marcia Pankratz. Players need to register on the 4Goals website for this clinic due to NCAA rules. Our HTC Coaches will observe our players at this clinic as our last High Performance/RCC Try-Out. 

Register Here for the March 16th Clinic – $100 fee


High Performance Season – WEEKDAY Training Schedule: 

We will have several training sites for our HP and Developmental Teams. Players will be required to attend 1 practice per week. These training sessions will concentrate on skill development & enhancement, high intensity small game concepts, and conditioning & strength training.

Players will RSVP to all of the training sessions prior to the start of the program. 

Stay tuned for the practice locations and dates. 


High Performance Season – WEEKEND Training Schedule:

All Teams will come together on the weekend to train together as a TEAM. We will work on Team concepts, corners, presses, etc. Players are required to attend all of these practice and playing opportunities. If a player cannot make one of the dates, we will invite a developmental player to join us. Players will be required to RSVP to all dates prior to our first practice. 


High Performance Clinics, Scrimmages and Tournaments:

Some of these events will require separate registrations and fees (due to NCAA Rules) and some are included in your HP Squad Fee. 

  • March 16 – 4Goals Clinic – Michigan Head Coach Marcia Pankratz will be leading this clinic @ Day Hill Dome – 3p-5p – Players must Register Here


  • March 24 – 4Goals Clinic – Bates Head Coach Dani Kogut and Quinnipiac Assistant Coach Madison Skeie will be leading this clinic @ Day Hill Dome – 1p-3p -Included in your HP Training Fees.


  • April 13-14 – Shooting Star Jamboree Showcase – All U16 & U19 HP/RCC Players – Delaware – Included in your HP Training Fees.


  • April 21Providence College Tournament – All U14, U16, and U19 HP/RCC Players – Included in your HP Training Fees.


  • May 11 – 4Goals Clinic – Michigan Head Coach Marcia Pankratz will be leading this clinic. Day Hill Dome – 10a-12p – Players must Register Here


  • May 11 – 4Goals Spring Classic Tournament – All HP and Developmental Teams will participate. Included in your HP Training Fees.


  • Additional competitions may be added. Stay tuned.


How do I know what age group I am in? Your age on January 1, 2024, determines your age group. For example, if you turn 15 on January 1, you are in the U16 age group. 


Year-round tournaments that are offered to our High Performance athletes: We ask that all HP players reserve these dates on their calendars. 


  • Shooting Star Jamboree – April 13-14, 2024 – Delaware – U16 and U19 Teams only
  • 4Goals Spring Classic – May 11, 2024 – Windsor CT
  • USAFH Regional Club Championships U14 – June 1-2 – Sacred Heart Academy
  • USAFH Regional Club Championships  U16 and U19 – June 8-9, 2024 – Sacred Heart Academy
  • USAFH National Club Championships  U16 and U19 – June 2024 – TBD
  • Shooting Star Regional Cup – June 2024 – New Hampshire
  • HTC Mid-Summer Classic – July 2024 – Connecticut
  • 4Goals Cup – July 2024 – Northeast TBD
  • Shooting Star Thanksgiving Tournament November 2024 in Midlothian, Virginia
  • USFHA Festival November 2024 in Florida
  • Winter Escape Showcase January 2024 in Sanford, Florida 

+ More Scrimmages and Tournaments may be added each season. We will make sure to communicate this out to you all with as much advance notice as we can. 


HTC Practice Pinnie – Required

There is a one-time fee to purchase our required HTC Practice Pinnie for $22. CLICK HERE to order a practice pinnie. 


HTC Uniform Kit – Required for all high performance players

There is a one-time fee to purchase our required HTC Osaka Uniform for $170 (white singlet, blue singlet, black skort, white socks, blue socks). 

All uniform pieces are made to order and take ~3-4 weeks to process, print and ship. 

Please contact Kaeley DeNegre prior to ordering your uniform to obtain your uniform number, 

CLICK HERE to order each uniform piece.



Contact our HTC staff with any questions!

Kaeley DeNegre – HTC Operations Director –

Debra Brickey – HTC Club Owner –

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